We have an ever-growing set of Mobile Wallet features on our cloud based software platforms: Mobile Wallet Loyalty/Rewards Virtual Punch Cards, Mobile Wallet Gift Cards, Mobile Wallet Debit Cards, PUSH Notifications & Bluetooth Beacon Notifications
Mobile Wallets Are Extremely Powerful Yet Simple To Use

Mobile Wallet Loyalty
Virutal Punch Cards
The Ultimate Rewards Program

Mobile Wallet Gift Cards
Pre-Paid Virtual Cards
The Ultimate Rewards Program

Mobile Wallet Debit Cards
POS Swipe Like Apple Pay
Helps Reduce Fraud

Global & Local Messaging
PUSH & Beacon Notifications
Make GPS Sattelites Work For You

Mobile Wallets Are Becoming An Essential Transactional Platform

The single most important factor for any long-term, profitable business is ultimately customer loyalty.

Mobile Wallet Loyalty involves using a “digital wallet” that is stored inside of your customer’s smartphones. Global Mobile My Rewards™ is the #1 Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program with virtual “Punch Cards”, “Pre-Paid Gift Cards” and more…providing the ultimate turn-key solution for every business.


With the changing technology of smartphones and mobile devices, it is imperative to change the way you market.

And let’s face it, we all know your customers are busier than ever, it’s harder than ever to capture their attention, and that there are probably dozens if not 100’s of other businesses just like yours vying for their business.

So how do you keep your name in front of them and get them to choose you instead of your competitors?

Your customers all live with their mobile phones, so you need to tap into them to get your messages into their hands and have them actually SEE those messages…so they get READ and acted upon.

Mobile Wallets vs Mobile Apps



25% of Local Business Apps Are Only Used Once

App Fatigue Is Real
Mobile Wallets Use The Latest Technology




Mobile Wallet Statistics
Mobile Wallet Payment Acceptance Is Growing Fast


US Mobile Users
Expected To Make A Mobile Payment In 2017


Use Coupons & Rewards
Mobile Punch Cards Are The Ultmate Rewards Platform


Consumers Favor
The Convenience Of Making Mobile Payments


Annual Increase In Beacons
Being Used In The United States From 2015-2016
Position Your Company For The Mobile Payments Trend

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