My Free Wi-Fi™

WARNING: All Free Wi-Fi Marketing Platforms and Companies are NOT created equal and could actually end up costing you money, but Global Mobile My Free Wi-Fi™ has the features you need to grow your business and increase your profits
It’s a proven fact that customers love Free Wi-Fi and businesses need to be able to get their messages into the hands of their customers. There is no better place to be than inside of your customer’s cell phones, and My Free Wi-Fi gives you access to your customers’ cell phones 24/7/365.

Auto Lead Generation

Turn your My Free Wi-Fi™ into an automatic lead generating machine working for you around the clock.

Customize Landing Page

We design a custom landing page for you that engages your customers and reflects your brand and business goals.

Social Media Connect

Grows your social media followers & fans so you can engage your customers on those platforms and gain valuable 1st Party Data

Bandwidth Control

You can even set limits on the amount of bandwidth that each user can consume, to avoid people who are just there to take advantage of your system.

In-Depth Analytics

Learn who your customers are, and how often they visit your location from our built-in analytics and reporting suite. Gain valuable insights about your customers and how to get them to buy more and buy more often.

Loyalty Rewards

Give your loyal customers rewards when they log on to your Free Wi-Fi and keep them coming back with great Promotions, Coupons, Contests and Special Offers!

When you combine My Free Wi-Fi™ with our Mobile Wallet Loyalty Programs and Pre-Paid Mobile Gift Cards, your customers will LOVE the ease and simplicity of using it!


With our cutting-edge social powered, ad-enabled My Free Wi-Fi™ system we will keep you ahead of your competition, increase your brand awareness, and build deeper relationships with your customers by distributing content directly to your customer’s smartphones.

This will ensure that your coupons and loyalty rewards are easily accessible, ready for use, and always up to date which will establish a boost in sales and recurring business.

Our social powered My Free Wi-Fi™ Platform includes a proven marketing system that can be combined with Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, GPS Geo-Fencing, Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program, Mobile Gift Cards, Mobile Apps, Mobile Coupons, Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Proximity Marketing and Push Notifications to gain new business and keep your loyal customers coming back.

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