My Free Wi-Fi™

Let Us Help You Grow Your Business and Increase Profits By Giving Away Free Wi-Fi

Acquire First Party Data
Your Most Important Asset

One Click Logon Using
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email or Phone

Built-In Global Ad Server
Pre & Post Login

Safe & Secure
256 Bit Encryption

How My Free Wi-Fi™ Works

Step #1
Choose Your Wi-Fi

Your customer logs onto your Location’s Wi-Fi just like they do now, except it will be on your new “My Free Wi-Fi™” Social Hotspot, which can be the name of your business.

Step #2
Social Connect

Your customer will be directed to a login page that asks them to 1-Click connect using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram or Email accounts to access Free Wi-Fi.

Step #3
Grow 1st Party Data

You can encourage users to ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ your Facebook page, join your Customer Loyalty Program and then be redirected to special offers or any page of your website.

Step #4

Customers enjoy Free Wi-Fi. You enjoy automatically gathering valuable data that can be used for continued engagement and future marketing campaigns.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Marketing is a great way to capture valuable data that allows you to re-market to your customers so instead of it being a cost, your Wi-Fi generates you cold, hard cash!!
Important Points About Free Wi-Fi
Mobile Wallets Use The Latest Technology
Wi-Fi Statistics
Free Wi-Fi Is In High Demand By Consumers Everywhere They Go


Of Mobile Consumers
Make a Restaurant Choice Based On Availability of Wi-Fi!


Of Mobile Consumers
Are Influenced By The Availability Of In Store Wi-Fi


Of Mobile Consumers
Use Free WI-Fi On A Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop


Love Free Wi-Fi
Because It’s Often Faster Than Their Cell Service
Position Your Company To Profit From Providing Free Wi-Fi By Using A My Free Wi-Fi™ Hotspot

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